Third-Party Software Compatible With HackRF

Software That Has Direct Support For HackRF

Software That Can Use Data From HackRF

  • Baudline

  • Inspectrum

  • Matlab

    fid = open('samples.bin',  'r');
    len = 1000; % 1000 samples
    y = fread(fid, 2*len, 'int8');
    y = y(1:2:end) + 1j*y(2:2:end);

Troubleshooting Recommendations

Many of these tools require libhackrf and at times HackRF Tools. It may help you to have updated libhackrf and HackRF Tools when troubleshooting these applications.

It is also strongly suggested, and usually required, that your HackRF Tools and HackRF firmware match.