HackRF Compatible Software

Software with HackRF Support

This is intended to be a list of software known to work with the HackRF. There are three sections, GNU Radio Based software, those that have direct support, and those that can work with data from the HackRF.

GNU Radio Based

GNU Radio Mode-S/ADS-B - https://github.com/bistromath/gr-air-modes

GQRX - http://gqrx.dk/

Direct Support

SDR# (Windows only) - https://airspy.com/download/

SDR_Radio.com V2 - http://v2.sdr-radio.com/Radios/HackRF.aspx

Universal Radio Hacker (Windows/Linux) - https://github.com/jopohl/urh

QSpectrumAnalyzer - https://github.com/xmikos/qspectrumanalyzer

Spectrum Analyzer GUI for hackrf_sweep for Windows - https://github.com/pavsa/hackrf-spectrum-analyzer

Web-based APRS tracker https://xakcop.com/aprs-sdr

Can use HackRF data

Inspectrum https://github.com/miek/inspectrum

  • Capture analysis tool with advanced features

Baudline http://www.baudline.com/ (Can view/process HackRF data, e.g. hackrf_transfer)

HackRF Tools

In addition to third party tools that support HackRF, we provide some commandline tools for interacting with HackRF. For information on how to use each tool look at the help information provided (e.g. hackrf_transfer -h) or the manual pages.

The first two tools (hackrf_info and hackrf_transfer) should cover most usage. The remaining tools are provided for debugging and general interest; beware, they have the potential to damage HackRF if used incorrectly.

  • hackrf_info Read device information from HackRF such as serial number and firmware version.
  • hackrf_transfer Send and receive signals using HackRF. Input/output can be 8bit signed quadrature files or wav files.
  • hackrf_max2837 Read and write registers in the Maxim 2837 transceiver chip. For most tx/rx purposes hackrf_transfer or other tools will take care of this for you.
  • hackrf_rffc5071 Read and write registers in the RFFC5071 mixer chip. As above, this is for curiosity or debugging only, most tools will take care of these settings automatically.
  • hackrf_si5351c Read and write registers in the Silicon Labs Si5351C clock generator chip. This should also be unnecessary for most operation.
  • hackrf_spiflash A tool to write new firmware to HackRF. This is mostly used for Updating Firmware.
  • hackrf_cpldjtag A tool to update the CPLD on HackRF. This is needed only when Updating Firmware to a version prior to 2021.03.1.

Handling HackRF data


fid = open('samples.bin',  'r');
len = 1000; % 1000 samples
y = fread(fid, 2*len, 'int8');
y = y(1:2:end) + 1j*y(2:2:end);