Board AddressingΒΆ

Each Opera Cake has a numeric address set by optional jumpers installed on header P1. The default address (without jumpers) is 0. The --list or -l option can be used to list the address(es) of one or more Opera Cakes installed on a HackRF One:

hackrf_operacake -l

The address may be set to any number from 0 to 7 by installing jumpers across the A0, A1, and/or A2 pins of header P1.

Address A2 Jumper A1 Jumper A0 Jumper
0 No No No
1 No No Yes
2 No Yes No
3 No Yes Yes
4 Yes No No
5 Yes No Yes
6 Yes Yes No
7 Yes Yes Yes

When configuring an Opera Cake, the address may be specified with the --address or -o option:

hackrf_operacake -o 1 -a A1 -b B2

If the address is unspecified, 0 is assumed. It is only necessary to specify the address if the address has been changed with the addition of jumpers, typically required only if multiple Opera Cakes are stacked onto a single HackRF One.